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Navigating Troubled Waters: Your Top 5 Questions about Flooded Cars Answered!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Welcome to our latest post, car enthusiasts and diligent drivers! Today, we're diving deep into a topic that's both timely and critical - flood damage and your car. It's no surprise that this topic generates a lot of curiosity and concern, given the increasing prevalence of extreme weather events. So, without further ado, let's answer your top 5 most googled questions about flooded cars!

Ferarri flooded
Flooded cars

  1. Am I Covered for Flood Damage to My Car? When the skies open up and the streets become rivers, it's natural to worry about your trusty vehicle. The first question on most minds is: does my insurance cover flood damage? The answer is yes, but only if you have comprehensive coverage. This type of insurance protects you against non-collision-related events like fires, theft, and you guessed it, floods! However, remember that filing a claim usually requires paying a deductible【source】.

  2. Will My Home Insurance Cover My Flooded Vehicle? Imagine coming home to find your beloved vehicle submerged in water. You might think, "Surely, my home insurance will cover this!" Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Home insurance policies do not extend coverage to your vehicles, even if they sustain damage while parked at your residence. For such situations, comprehensive auto insurance is your safety net【source】.

  3. Will a Comprehensive Claim Raise My Auto Insurance Rates? Money is a universal concern, and many worry that filing a claim will cause their insurance premiums to skyrocket. The good news? A comprehensive claim only raises rates by an average of 3%, or $39 a year. In fact, many insurance companies do not increase rates at all for one comprehensive claim【source】.

  4. Is Flood Damage Repairable? Is My Car Worth Fixing? The aftermath of a flood can leave you with a car that resembles a soaking wet sponge. Is it worth the effort and cost to fix it? The answer varies. If water has reached beyond the floorboards into the electronics, your car may be deemed a total loss. Your insurance company will make this determination. However, even seemingly minor flood damage can lead to issues such as rust and mold, so always have it assessed by a professional【source】.

  5. What If I Owe More Than My Car Is Worth? This is a sticky situation indeed. If your car is totaled by a flood, your insurance company will only pay the actual cash value of your vehicle. If you owe more than this amount, you're facing a financial shortfall. This is where gap coverage comes into play, covering the difference if you have it. If your car is in very bad condition after the flood, it's worth negotiating with your insurance company about the value of the vehicle, as they may be willing to settle for a higher amount【source】.

Navigating the aftermath of a flood can be daunting, but remember, you're not alone. At Car Geeks Collision, we're here to help you navigate these troubled waters. From towing your vehicle out of the flood zone to guiding you through the insurance claims process, we've got your back. So, when the water rises, remember to keep calm and call Car Geeks!

Stay tuned for more informative and exciting posts on all things auto! Drive safe, everyone!

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